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    Now YOU CAN put an end to the frustration, and gain more confidence, respect, and cooperation! From backtalk to bedtimes. Tantrums to power-struggles. Feel EMPOWERED and PROUD at how you handle anything parenthood throws your way.
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    Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or frustrated? How about depressed, unsuccessful, or challenged in other areas of your life? Create more joy and fulfillment with positive relationships, and well-being in life.
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Hilde Gross

Family/Life Coach, Stress & Anxiety Relief Specialist and Speaker, Hilde Gross, understands what it is like to feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and even defeated at times. Her expertise and focus is on creating loving and close relationships, resolving stress/anxiety, effective communication, peaceful conflict resolution, parent education, positive discipline, and overall well-being in life. For more than 20 years she has been working closely with many families, individuals, couples, schools, organizations, and corporations such as Callaway Golf and SDG&E. Hilde, described by her clients and audiences as warm, engaging, and inspiring, delivers practical, solution-focused advice – no matter how chaotic things feel right now – that they can use immediately for visible results.

Our Services

Family Coaching via Phone or Skype

Need some immediate help? Our expertise is on creating close relationships, positive discipline, effective communication, conflict resolution, and reduction of stress and anxiety.
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In-Home Family Coaching

Have you ever been in a situation with one of your children, yourself or your partner and wished you had In-Home Assistance?
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Individual and Couples Coaching

We help you to create healthy relationships, communicate more effectively, solve problems peacefully and achieve overall well-being in life.
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Stress and Anxiety Relief Coaching

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, guilty, angry, depressed, or unsuccessful – Or, have you experienced some trauma and want to learn how to resolve those feelings within minutes?
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Workshops & Seminars

Interested in hosting a workshop or seminar at your school, corporation, home, or other organizations?
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Vaporize Your ADD/ADHD in One Session

Do you have challenges with focusing, being distracted, or organizing your thoughts and tasks? Discover a whole new approach to dealing with the wide spread problem of ADD/ADHD.
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Family, Couples & Individual Coaching

We can help you to resolve even the most frustrating struggles. From effective communication to anxiety free living. We deliver practical, solution-focused advice that you can use IMMEDIATELY for visible results.

Stress & Anxiety Relief in Minutes

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, guilty, angry, depressed or unsuccessful? Finally, there is an easy, fast, and permanent solution to resolve your emotional challenges!

Success Stories

Dear Hilde, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the tools, knowledge and guidance to completely transform my family. The basic premise behind her
in-home coaching …

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