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Parenting expert Hilde Gross, will coach you by phone or virtual and help you create an action plan to bring the order and calm you desire. No matter how chaotic things feel right now, you will see improvement after the very first call. Whether you schedule one coaching call or multiple sessions. Hilde will help you fix the most frustrating parenting struggles including answers to the questions below:

  • Are your morning routines challenging?
  • Are you tired of listening to your children fight?
  • Do your children refuse to do their chores or homework?
  • Are you exhausted from bedtime battles?
  • Do your children refuse listen, are sassy or talk back?
  • Does everything seem like a battle?
  • Do you and your spouse disagree and/or fight about discipline issues?
  • Are you driven crazy by tantrums, whining or dawdling?
  • Does it feel like an alien has taken your darling daughter or son and made her/him a teen?
  • Do you find yourself continually grounding or taking away your teen’s privileges?
  • Do you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, or guilty?

Telephone Coaching provides confidential, non-threatening personal support without you ever having to leave your home or office. There is no need to adjust your schedule, pay a babysitter, or travel. Hilde will call you by prearranged appointment whenever it is most convenient.