Children who participate in the RCB “Kids Club Program” acquire a kid’s-eye view of Redirecting Children’s Behavior, smoothing the way toward peaceful, cooperative, and respectful families and friendships.

This program is for children 6–10 years old. In a fun and interactive way, kids learn and practice skills through role-playing, skits, games and art projects. During the last thirty minutes of each class parents are invited to participate and/or watch the children demonstrate what they learned.

Children will have fun learning to:
– Be a team player in the family
– Reduce fighting, arguing, and hitting
– Be more responsible and cooperative
– Learn self-control
– Get along better with friends and siblings
– Build their own self-esteem
– Learn respectful communication skill

COST: $195 (4-weeks including supplies)
(Accept Credit Cards; Payment Plans Available)
Service also provided in your home!

4-week Class for Children

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