Hilde customizes each inspiring and informative class to speak directly to the group’s goals and/or match the conference theme. Seminars can be taught in length and time based on what fits your schedule. Morning, Lunch & Learn, evening and weekend classes are available.  Her topics may be adapted for a workshop or seminar presentation.
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Interested in hosting a workshop or seminar at your school or organization? Please email Hilde at Hilde@hildercb.com or call 619-379-7646 – Or, pass this information along to those who may also be interested!

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— San Diego French American School, Christian Jarlov, Head of School, 2016 —
“For many years Hilde has been praised by many schools and parents for her expertise and the excellent support she has given. She comes highly recommended for any institution in need of a Family Coach or Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom Instructor with strong skills including parent education, redirecting children’s behavior at home and in the classroom, positive discipline, peaceful conflict resolution, and reduction of stress and anxiety.”

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