Have you ever been in a situation with one of your children, yourself or your partner and wished you had In-Home Assistance? Finally, there’s a way to achieve having the family that you always dreamed of. It’s based on tested results established over the past 25 years. Whether you’re married, a step-parent, single parent or foster parent, one-on-one parent coaching with Hilde will provide you the education and support for the most important job any of us will ever have. She will help you remedy conflict, promote cooperation, peace, and a sense of team within your family all while practicing parenting and other life changing techniques in a loving and respectful manner. No matter how chaotic things feel right now you will see improvement after the very first home visit. Hilde’s methods will help you to apply practical and easy to learn methods to resolve even the most frustrating struggles….

  • Not listening – No more yelling, threatening or reminding!
  • Morning routines – Kids that dawdle and struggle to get out the door on time.
  • Back Talk – A common problem but you don’t have to live with it.
  • Power Struggles – Why is everything a battle? Learn how to stop it!
  • Entitlement Epidemic – Do your kids feel a sense of entitlement?
  • Tantrums – Toddler to teens …learn to tame the tantrums.
  • Bedtime and Sleep issues – Do you battle to get them in to bed and to stay there all night long?
  • Screen time or homework struggles – How to set boundaries and stick with them.
  • Fighting – Sibling/Peer Rivalry. How to stop all the fighting.
  • Disagreeing with your partner – How to resolve problems peacefully and work as a unified couple.
  • Feeling Stressed and overwhelmed – Learn techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety at home and other areas of your life and so much more.

Family Coaching Fees (sponsorship available)

  • $150/single session (1 hour per home visit)
  • $250/double session (2 hours per home visit)