Coaching at your Home, my Office, via Telephone or Virtual

Hilde offers personalized life changing solutions through individual or couples coaching sessions or meetings with the whole family. She has helped her clients to communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts peacefully, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide them with positive parenting solutions (all ages). No matter how chaotic things feel right now you will see improvement after the very first session. Hilde’s program will help you to apply practical and easy to learn methods to resolve even the most frustrating struggles.

Please choose one of our following services:

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Parenting Groups

Hilde facilitates support groups for parents at schools, religious organizations, businesses and neighborhood parent groups. A parenting group is an effective way to receive information and guidance in a supportive environment. Groups provide an opportunity to connect with other parents as you share stories of struggles and triumphs. Call Hilde at 619.379.7646  if you would like to create one!