Hilde with Life Changing Solutions works wonders with every issue under the sun. In just a few session she taught my fiancé and I how to peacefully resolve conflicts that were crippling our amazing relationship. She taught me how to resolve issues from my past that were haunting me in my everyday life causing multiple addictions, control issues, and anxiety concerning my fiancé being faithful & my daughters well-being in general. She has changed my whole outlook on many things I thought would never change. I highly recommend at least giving her a call or message to see if she can help you as well! She is very flexible with scheduling and even offers over-the-phone sessions for busy individuals such as myself & my fiancé! Thank you Hilde!!!

Heather Abair

“For the past few years Hilde has been praised by many parents, teachers and directors for her expertise and the excellent support she has given. I can only recommend her for any institution or family in need of a Family Coach with strong skills including parenting, effective communication, conflict resolution, positive discipline, and reduction of stress and anxiety.”
We have been very pleased by the different types of programs or support that Hilde has offered:

- Teachers in-service professional development workshops
including redirecting children in the class
- Conferences for parents on education and parenting strategies,
communication and conflict resolution
- Parenting seminars that have helped parents cope with young
and older children with behavior challenges
- One on one counseling or coaching for students to help them
improve their social and emotional skills.

San Diego French American School
Christian Jarlov, Head of school, 2017

Hilde is incredibly insightful, compassionate, wise, and outright amazing in providing real tools for improving not only best practices in effective parenting, but also in my personal life which translates to how I interact with my children (and every person in my life). Not only have I developed in how I parent, which is miraculous, Hilde provided me with amazing techniques that helped me resolve some serious barriers and traumas in my own life.
She taught me to let go and to get out of my own way; taught me that my heart is safe within me, and that resisting the hurt only prolongs it and makes it worse. This directly applies to our children, their feelings, and their struggles, too. Hilde sees beneath the surface and gets to the root of the issues; driven by love, patience, and understanding. She will go as far as you’re willing to go in learning how to not only connect with your child, communicate with your child, and develop your child to be their best self; she will help you do the same within yourself. Working with Hilde has changed my life. I have learned to love myself, address & heal from past experiences that have adversely affected my interaction with people and in parenting my children. I’ve learned how to truly hear my children, see beyond misbehaviors, and meet their needs of being heard & understood, validated, and empowered (to name a few). My relationship with my kids is more powerful now than ever before. And my relationship with myself has blossomed from working with Hilde in a way that has positively changed my life forever. If anyone is on the fence about working with Hilde, please know this: I was skeptical, I was hesitant, but I gave it a shot and I have had zero regrets about the investment that is being made in the biggest relationships of my life (my children, myself, and those I care about). I will go further and say with conviction that I am elated to have the privilege of learning from such a phenomenal person. My life, and my relationship with my kids, has become so beautiful because of the work Hilde and I have been doing together. Do it for yourself. Do it for your kids. Do it for those you love. You are worth it, and they are worth it, too.

James Smith

“I was to see Hilde Gross at the lowest point in my life. She uses cutting-edge techniques that helped me resolve my trauma, anxiety, and other painful challenges. I found Hilde’s techniques very different from conventional therapy. They are fast, effective, and lasting. With Hilde’s gentle yet powerful advice and techniques, she not only changed my life but also saved my life. She also taught me to become a better communicator, encouraged me to be brave, follow my dreams, and trust intuition. Hilde helped me overcome barriers, including a big ego, and helped me succeed in anything I wanted to achieve. Today I feel balanced and peaceful as never before. Thank you, Hilde!”
- Jim Sagona, Realtor -

Jim Sagona, Realtor

Dear Hilde. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the tools, knowledge and guidance to completely transform my family. The basic premise behind her coaching are a kinder, more gentle way of relating to your children and your partner. This has allowed me to be the type of mother and wife that I had always envisioned I would be: patient, loving, understanding, yet able to establish and maintain clear boundaries. Working together with my children and my husband to set agreements that include clear expectations has virtually eliminated the need for power struggles, whining, arguing, and tantrums. Empowering our family to practice self-calming techniques, employ a family team atmosphere, and conflict resolution techniques have instilled invaluable confidence within the whole family. Not only has Hilde’s program (in-home coaching and over the phone) positively affected our relationship with our children, but it has also improved communication with my husband and strengthened our bond. We have both learned to listen to each other, really listen!!! We have learned to validate each other’s feelings in a way that makes us both feel “heard and understood.” Once this has been accomplished, there is little need to continue belaboring our individual points and we can begin to work toward a solution. I cannot stop telling my friends and family about this program! I truly feel proud of the mother and wife that I have become, and I am amazed by the patience, sensitivity and dedication that my husband displays toward our children, and me :).

A. Schulz

"When I think about therapy, my mind congers up reliving the past to understand the present and going through many sessions over months with not much resolved in that time frame. This is the opposite of what I found with Hilde in just 1 session. Our first session together was transformative; we discussed my emotions and worked a bit on my internal negative energy. The very next day, I did not crave alcohol (I have been drinking daily for 4+ years) and I felt internal joy for the first time in years. I was even catching myself dancing around my house! It was glorious to feel some relief of my burdens. I was completely unaware that this was possible for me. I would recommend Hilde to anyone, especially the non-believers in internal energy. I have had quick results and it has made an enormous impact on my mental state and quality of life in a short period of time. Thank you Hilde! - August 16, 2016 -

Dr. Sherry Brown

Dear Hilde, I attended your 5-week parenting seminar to help better parent my 2 and 5 year old daughter and my 17 year old step son. Even being a Pediatrician, I knew I had a lot to learn about parenting, especially with my 5 year old strong-willed daughter. The class revealed to my husband and I how our particular parenting styles might be altered to achieve more cooperation from our children and create more responsible future adults. Our lives became so much more pleasant with significantly less friction. The ideas from your course really do work and make sense. I now feel that I have even better advise to give the families in my practice regarding various behavior problems and recommend the class to many of my families in my practice. Keep up the good work Hilde!

Dr. Cheri Jennett, MD

Hilde’s amazing life changing solutions have opened passages of communication we did not know were there. She strengthened not only our relationship with each other, but our relationship with ourselves. She also taught us powerful techniques that were extremely valuable and highly enlightening for resolving fears, doubts, anxieties and other emotional challenges. She has a wonderful program that guides us all in a way of emotional intelligence inside a family.

Sarah Knapp, 16
Bishop Student, 2009

"We were court ordered to have our children involved in parenting coaching. I honestly didn’t feel we needed it. Then Hilde came to our home. After only one session I was already benefitting from Hilde’s advice and techniques. She uses a solutions-based strategy rather than just talking and talking, which is what I needed. Hilde has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to effective communication, peaceful conflict resolution, parent education, reducing stress, anxiety, traumas, and depression. She has an amazing talent to help you to identify and understand your inner conflicts very quickly. With her pure awareness techniques she helped me resolve my anxieties and other emotional reactions WITHIN MINUTES! I was also seeing a therapist at the time. After working with Hilde and seeing immediate results my therapist said I didn’t need to see her anymore and “fired” me. Even my husband noticed a positive change and decided to go through Hilde's program as well. Thank you so much Hilde!

Sophia P.

We were very fortunate at University City High School to have Hilde Gross teach an 8- week course to our parents which she titled “Secrets to Successful Parenting: A Survival Course for Parents with Teens.” As a counselor at the high school I have received such a great amount of positive feedback about Hilde’s workshop that I hope to offer the class again next year so more parents can benefit. The workshop was held in the evenings once per week and was very well received by our community. As the good news spread, more parents attended the workshop and have asked for follow up classes this coming school year. After the workshop parents made comments to me that “Hilde’s class completely changed the way they approached parenting” and that “they could not before imagine having such a calm and peaceful environment in their home.”

“Secrets to Successful Parenting” is derived from the philosophies taught in the program Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) and offers insightful strategies to help parents help their children to be self-motivated, responsible, cooperative young people. Hilde teaches the program with the confidence and enthusiasm of someone who not only loves her job but who fully believes in the philosophy she is teaching. It is clear she has seen RCB work time and time again, and she has numerous examples to share of how it has been successful in the past. Watching Hilde teach is inspiring. She is entertaining and funny, serious at times, and full of thoughtful answers to the complicated questions the parents bring to the table. Our parents would leave each night feeling they had learned new techniques to take home, while having enjoyed themselves throughout the class.

It is with great confidence that I would recommend Hilde to teach the RCB curriculum to any age group. While I was fortunate to witness her expertise as a teacher and professional speaker in her class for parents with teens at UC High, I was also a student in one of her classes when I worked as a middle school teacher just a few years ago. At that time I took her class that was designed for teachers and have used the RCB philosophy in my daily practice ever since. I believe any adult working closely with children whether in the classroom or in the home can benefit greatly from the teachings of RCB, and there is no better teacher than Hilde Gross to bring those teachings life!

Michelle Barnier
Counselor, University City High School August, 2013

Dear Hilde. I am so thankful for my “Miracles in Minutes” experience. I was amazed at how it worked for me. I had no idea what to expect and I did not foresee peace in the near-future regarding our young son’s situation. I was overcome with confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty of what to do. Amazingly after our 1 hour meeting I truly felt peace in my mind. I want to share my experience with others, so no one has to live with worry and anxiety over situations in life. It helped me look/feel within myself and there was peace. My husband is very grateful also.

Tracy Ayleswarth

"Hilde Gross is an amazing instructor and one-on-one coach (in person and over the phone)! She makes her workshop extremely fun! In the Vaporize Your Anxiety class, we were all provided with amazing techniques that were extremely valuable and highly enlightening for eliminating past fears, doubts, traumas, and old memories of stressful situations. I had no idea that any techniques could be so fast and effective, thorough, and permanent in such a short time. I would highly recommend taking Hilde's classes, and/or schedule a one-on-one consultation in person or over the phone."

Jason Clairborne, Author “How to Speak Womanese”

Dearest Hilde, I would like to thank you and compliment you on helping me get over my extreme feelings of anxiety, guilt and general sadness in just a few sessions…. With your very specific techniques – which I found really doable both with your coaching and afterwards on my own, helped me overcome some very real issues which were preventing me from any enjoyment of my life….as I am in my seventies it was important to have some quality of life because, if not now, when???..,., I waited a few days after our last session to see if my feeling of wellbeing persisted, and it has, and I remain extremely grateful to you for your gifts of coaching me back to my joy in living in comfort and peace of mind… Thank you. With best wishes.

Barbara Malk

Sempra Energy & Sempra Energy Utilities have had the fortunate opportunity to host Ms. Hilde Gross and her well-respected and intuitive approach in delivering “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” to its employees. Hilde’s delivery of teaching skills that create self-confident, responsible, cooperative, respectful and drug-free children has been well received and requested again and again. She has the ability to impact not only parents, but also employees without children in establishing efficient and useful communication styles that empower and achieve a “win-win” result for conflict resolution.

The Redirecting Children’s Behavior Program has many benefits in the workplace and can ultimately lead to higher employee satisfaction and a more productive work environment. This is achieved through enhanced communication, teamwork and problem solving techniques that can strengthen a corporation as a whole.

Hilde’s 10-week course was welcomed and received with open arms and had a following of eager-to-learn employees and parents alike. She has a wonderful way with people and explores teaching as an art form. Employees have expressed their gratitudes to the company for bringing practical, real-life, and meaningful seminars like Hilde’s to the worksite. Her teachings are not just for temporary application, if internalized and applied correctly – these effective methods and techniques are everlasting.
I hope you will consider enriching your employees and your organization with the proven and effective benefits that Hilde’s “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” seminars and sessions offer.

SDG&E, Southern California Gas Company
Nicole A. Galicia, Wellness Programs Analyst October 23, 2006

Hi Hilde: Thank you very much for taking good care of Brennan in the "Successful Children" Camp. I was impressed with how willing Brennan and the other kids were to present to the parents at the end of each camp day. The concepts and insights that Brennan received were tremendous. You were teaching him and the others such important social skills concepts. I want to continue my training and keep Brennan exposed to it also. Thanks so much.

Mark Pearson
School of Business Leadership CASTLE PARK HIGH SCHOOL

Dear Hilde, I took my first RCB workshop because my mom asked me to go with her and it was free. I didn’t know what it was about, and as far as I knew, everything was okay with my kids – in fact, they’re great! No problems to speak of. I went back for the 5-week course because I found I can be a much better parent just by spending a few hours learning why they do the things they do, and how to respond to them in a teaching, nurturing way. And the response from the kids is immediate! I definitely feel, I am being a better parent to my kids after taking your wonderful RCB seminar. I recommend your program to every parent!

Michell Tirpak

You can be assured you will walk away from Hilde’s presentation with many effective, practical skills to use with your child. I liked her presentation so much that I scheduled her to train all of our teachers.

Bob Hamm

We wish we could make RCB mandatory for all families before their children begin their school experience.

Becky Candra
Preschool Director

Dear Maestra Hilde, It gives me pleasure to write these words to let you know how impressive I am with your knowledge and presentations and I will be more than glad to share your information with my friends and networks. I find the seminars extremely useful and your professional delivery makes it very easy to visualize and understand all concepts and strategies. I hope to be able to attend some of your personal initiatives and of course see your beautiful smile. I will recheck the scheduled programs and choose one that will benefit my family. In the meantime, May your day be filled with beautiful spring moments. Mega Hug.

Gina Ing

The RCB Seminar is like having someone handing you nuggets of gold. There are things in this class that have already changed our kids AND our family. Not 'someday' stuff, but things that made a difference after the first week.

Jeff of the JEFF & JER Showgram
Star 100.7

I can honestly say that taking Hide's class affects my everyday life as a mom and person. With using the new Parenting tools, I see my children becoming more cooperative, respectful, and loving. Understanding now that children communicate something when they misbehave I respond differently. I realize now there are ways I can help prevent misbehavior and have the tools to respond to it peacefully when inevitable misbehavior does occur. I really encourage you to try Hilde's program.I can't imagine parenting without it. The Redirecting Children's Behavior Program is a great foundation, a paradigm for parenting. It has replaced the authoritarian style we grew up with and I feel better going to bed each night as I have treated my family with peace.

Kristi Harrison