Corporate Individual and/or Group Training to Improve Work-Life Balance

Do you want your employees armed with the tools to effortlessly manage day-to-day challenges, leaving them less stressed, more confident, and more in control?

From toddler tantrums that make parents late for work to delayed bedtimes that turn them into office zombies to teen homework battles that leave them stressed and distracted, and other everyday challenges such as anxiety, ongoing conflicts at home or at work, health, etc., adults can’t help but bring their woes to the office. All of these problems and distractions cost employers millions in the form of missed days and reduced productivity.

For 20 years Hilde has been working closely with individuals and many corporations and organizations throughout Southern California, such as SDG&E, The Scripps Research Institute, Northrop Grumman, Callaway Golf, and Private Schools. Hilde, described by audiences as warm, engaging, and inspiring, connects with her audience on an emotional level and delivers practical, solution-focused advice that they can put to use immediately for visible results. She can provide you with references who can attest to how affirming and transformative her programs can be.

Hilde customizes each inspiring and informative presentation to speak directly to the group’s goals and/or match the conference theme. Classes can be taught in length and time based on what fits your schedule. Morning, Lunch & Learn, evening and weekend classes are available.

Hilde’s most popular topics are listed below and may be adapted for a one-time workshop or weekly/monthly seminar presentation. She can tailor her presentations to address many mainstream issues, such as stress and anxiety relief, peaceful conflict resolution,  effective communication, and parent education, depending on your group’s needs and interests.

Individual Coaching and/or Corporate Personal Upgrade Program Seminars
Are you ready to see
– Extraordinary improvements in productivity in your company?
– Significant reduction of stress and anxiety?
– Improved Communication and conflict resolution skills?
– Greater cooperation?
– Higher levels of satisfaction and enjoyment of work?
– Greater cost savings and lowered absenteeism?
– Increased profits and sales?
– A more balanced, happy and healthy work environment?

We invite you to take full advantage of Hilde’s unique and life changing Corporate Personal Upgrade Program.
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“Secrets to Successful Parenting” Seminars
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Keynote and Workshop Topics (1 – 6 hours)
– “Resolve Your Personal Stress and Anxiety”
– “Peaceful Conflict Resolutions”
– “The Language or Powerful Communication”
– “How to Avoid Everyday Power Struggles”
– “Secrets to Successful Parenting”
– “How to Get Kids and Adults to Listen WITHOUT Arguing, Repeating, Reminding or Yelling”

Interested in hosting a workshop or seminar at your corporation or organization?
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