We invite you to take full advantage of Hilde’s innovative and life-changing techniques that offer truly unprecedented advantages to corporations that recognize the value of upgrading their human capital. Hilde’s ability to upgrade human capital is unique in the world today.

Hilde, Stress and Anxiety Relief Specialist, and Core Dynamics Master Coach of Human Conditionings, has been researching deeply into the nature of human conditioning for many years. She will help your employees to quickly understand what holds their conditioning in place and what makes it so hard for them to make positive changes and how to function more effectively. Hilde understands why people are not very good at resolving problems like anxiety, stress and trauma and how to dramatically upgrade their ability to rapidly and thoroughly resolve such problems, greatly increasing their productivity and well-being. Her cutting-edge techniques are so fast and effective, thorough, and permanent, that people have been calling it “Miracles in Minutes”.
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Our programs are unique in several ways:

  1. They identify and resolve the basis of inner human conflicts that prevent people from living and expressing their highest potential.
  2. Participants learn highly practical techniques that master over a period of 2 to 4 months. These techniques become part of their basic skill set and allow them to remove the inner barriers to extraordinary performance continuously even after the program is completed. This way, the benefits of the techniques continue to support ever-increasing performance throughout each person’s life and work.
  3. The barriers to extraordinary performance are mostly invisible to each person. They are living inside of the limitations of their conditioned responses. Tom Stone, the author of “The Power of How” calls them the bugs in their inner human software. Everyone is generally clueless that these limitations are present and therefore has no idea either that they are there or what to do about them. The program is designed to provide breakthrough after breakthrough in becoming aware of and removing these insidious barriers to extraordinary performance.
  4. Our various programs involve seminar style interactive learning, one-on-one coaching over the six-month period for each participant or both. Every participant has the opportunity to gain access to and master aspects of their potential that they haven’t even known exist.

What kinds of changes in your people and organization can you expect from this program?

  1. Increased ability to adapt to changes both in the organization, with suppliers and in the markets your company serves
  2. More effective communication
  3. Greater cooperation at all levels of the organization
  4. Greater creativity and innovation
  5. Higher levels of satisfaction and enjoyment of work
  6. Higher levels of productivity
  7. Increased ability for each employee to provide extraordinary customer service
  8. Greater cost savings
  9. Increased sales
  10. Increased profits
  11. Less wasted time and resources
  12. Lowered absenteeism
  13. Lowered health care costs
  14. Greater sense of loyalty
  15. Lowered problems with addictions of various kinds
  16. Marginal people become good producers
  17. Good producers becoming super stars

In their hearts, everyone would like to be recognized and appreciated for who they really are. They would like to both contribute to and get the most out of life and their work that they can. But they don’t know how to access the natural qualities of the star that they have latent inside of themselves. Give your people exactly what they need to let their own personal star shine brightly in their work and in their life more than ever before.

Hilde’s innovative techniques offers truly unprecedented advantages to corporations that recognize the value of upgrading their human capital. Hilde’s ability to upgrade human capital is unique in the world today.