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Hilde Gross has been praised by many parents, teachers, school directors and others for her expertise, excellent support and strong skills including parenting, positive discipline, communication, conflict resolution and reduction of stress and anxiety. Hilde, described by audiences as warm, engaging, and inspiring, connects with adults and children on an emotional level and delivers practical, solution-focused advice that they can put to use immediately for visible results. For more than 15 years Hilde has been working closely with many private groups, schools, organizations, and corporations throughout Sothern California and Europe, including SDG&E, Scripps Research and several MOPs chapters. She can provide you with references who can attest to how affirming and transformative her programs can be for adults and children who attend.

Hilde customizes each inspiring and informative class to speak directly to the group’s goals and/or match the conference theme. Classes can be taught in length and time based on what fits your schedule. Morning, Lunch & Learn, evening and weekend classes are available.

Parenting Seminars and Workshops
Teachers In-Service Professional Development Workshops
Seminars for Children “Successful Children” (ages 6 – 10)
Corporate Personal Upgrade Program
Parenting Groups
Home Video Course (Redirecting Children’s Behavior)

Interested in hosting a workshop or seminar at your school, organization or home? Please email Hilde at Hilde@hildercb.com or call 619-379-7646 – Or, pass this information along to those who may also be interested!

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